- Apartments Near Marietta GA Can Mean Better Living Than Atlanta
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After Recession

If times have been tough on you or your family in recent years, and they certainly have been for many households whose incomes did not really recover or grow after the Great Recession, then you might have been forced to look for work in a big city.

Economic Growth

Places like Atlanta are hubs of economic growth and activity, meaning opportunities to make a lot of money or possibly just find any paying job at all. If you live in the South, particularly Georgia, South Carolina, southeastern Tennessee, or eastern Alabama.

Tennessee Border

When you need to get out of any of the local cities, take I75 north towards the Tennessee border and Chattanooga for hiking, biking, climbing, and rafting in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains, or just turn a little east and north to head up into them directly.

Finding Employment

Finding employment there is certainly possible, but your income can also get eaten up quickly by the high cost of living. That's why living in the suburbs makes a lot of sense, as the costs of living might be cheaper. As population density dwindles, prices and rents for residential living options likewise decline.

City Of Marietta

Apartments near Marietta GA can mean better living than being in Atlanta itself. Interstate 75 and the 285 loop leave most of Atlanta within a reasonable commute if you have a car, so living in or around the city of Marietta won't cut you off from the jobs and employment possibilities the larger city has to offer.

Cheaper Rents

Even though Marietta often has cheaper rents, though not always, you’re not sacrificing urban conveniences living here. Over fifty thousand people call this city home, making it the fourth largest city in the Atlanta metropolitan region and the largest individual suburb surrounding the city.

For sun and surf, Mobile, Alabama and the sunny shores of the Gulf of Mexico are only a few hours to the south and west. You’re also within a few hours’ drive of several cruise ship ports for further adventures.

Summers In Georgia


Summers in Georgia can get rather hot and humid, so when shopping for apartments near marietta ga, make sure you find units with robust air conditioning. A multi-unit complex with a swimming pool on the property is certainly an extra perk that can help you cool down after a day of work in Atlanta and the commute home.